Dietary supplements

7th October 2020

Dietary supplements are products designed to supplement the diets of people who have increased need for certain nutrients or whose intake of these nutrients is insufficient. Their purpose is to prevent nutritional deficiencies. Of course, they are no substitute for a varied, balanced diet or for a healthy lifestyle.

The best way to achieve the optimum physical and mental well-being is always to follow a balanced diet and get frequent exercise. However, we all know that this is not always easy, so dietary supplements are often a great way to help round out our diets.

One way in which dietary supplements differ from foods is in their packaging. They are sold as capsules, tablets, sachets, ampoules, drinks, etc., that help the consumption of small, unit-based doses, which make them a concentrated source of nutrients in a small volume.

Dietary supplements can contain the full range of nutrients and be used as a complete, balanced diet, as with Vitafos Junior. Alternatively, they can combine nutrients and other specific compounds, such as vitamins and minerals, fatty acids like omega-3, amino acids, fibre, lactobacilli, bifidobacteria or various plant species to prevent or treat deficiencies. By consuming both we are seeking to achieve a beneficial effect on the body. Regardless, we need to be clear that they are not medicines and, although they may be used to improve our well-being, are not designed to cure diseases.

Many of these products are sold in pharmacies and, although they do not need a medical prescription, you should see a health professional for advice about the most suitable dietary supplement for your needs, along with the dose to take and how long to take it for.

There are some times in life when we use dietary supplements more frequently than others. For example, sportspeople, the unwell and pregnant women may all have increased nutritional requirements.

Dietary supplements are also often used in childhood or during puberty, a time when nutritional requirements are very high compared to body weight.

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